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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homeschool Begins!

YAY!! Yesterday was the first day back to Homeschooling for us! It was really nice to be back on a schedule again...and it seemed to be easier for the kids to get through the day as well. Bug had a fairly decent day - with very few meltdowns and was able to focus on the tasks given. It was very encouraging for me to have the first day go so well!!

Here was our schedule:
6:30AM - Girls & I are up and moving, getting dressed, breakfast & coffee, & chores.
8AM - Bug up, dressed & breakfast
9AM - MATH REVIEW & Independent work on workbook pages (I worked with Cricket on preparing her "school" room with posters of her colors, ABCs, and numbers! FUN!)
10AM - Break/Snack
10:20AM - HANDWRITING REVIEW & Cursive Lowercase Workbook Page
11AM - Break - Playtime
11:30AM - LUNCH
1PM - Errands
1:30PM - SPELLING REVIEW & Worksheet
2PM - READING & Quiet Time
3PM - Snack
3:15PM - Free Time for video games, friends, etc...
5PM - Dinner & Chores
6:30PM - Baths/Showers/PJs
7:15PM - Cricket to Bed
8:30PM - Bug to Bed

It was a simple day, with only review of information from before the summer, but it was a start! More importantly though, it was an ENCOURAGING START!! I am looking forward to today and what it brings!

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