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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Cricket: "Mom, bakers cook, right?"

Me: "Yes, they make breads and cakes and other foods that you would bake in the oven."

Cricket: "Can bakers get married?"

Me: "Mmhmm, they sure can if they want to!"

Cricket: "Well, I decided I am going to marry a baker, because you always tell me to marry someone that loves to cook!"


And, this was just too good to NOT tell this story on here!! My friend has 4 kiddos! (yes, FOUR!!) The two youngest are 3 year old twin boys. (Cutest little boys!) Anyhow, she had them out at the park, enjoying the gorgeous weather. She said that the boys were pretending to have cameras and "taking pictures" of things all over the park. Such a sweet game! Then she heard them making the clicking camera noise whenever then took a picture...except it wasn't "Click, Click" coming from their little mouths...but instead "CLIT! CLIT!" She was dying of laughter! (And so was I when she told me!!)

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