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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When the pain wins...

OK, so the majority of us had had kids (& or surgery) in our lifetime.  I am not a "delicate" person by any means, so "take it easy" TO ME is not exactly what most people consider "taking it easy."  I still vacuum.  I still dust.  I still corall the dog.
So, today (day 6 after surgery), I thought nothing of walking down the stairs on my back deck to talk with a neighbor was no big deal.  Anid it wouldn't have been, had I not "missed" a step and had to catch myself from falling.  (When did I get so fucking clumsy anyhow??)  Of course I felt like I ripped a body part off!  So, with tears in my eyes (fanning them away as I walked towards the neighbor so she wouldn't see, because super hero Moms don't cry, right?!), I walked over to have a converstation with her.  Thankfully it was quick and to the point, but DAMN I was felt like an eternity.
Once I was carefully back upstairs, safe in my house, I held my pained parts and pleaded with the wine bottle to grow legs and walk to me.  Well, once that was apparently NOT going to happen, I got up and poured my own wine.  I went to my home Pharmacy (no, not a medicine cabinet at this point) and took a Vicadin, a Valuim, and Celebrex. 
Can I just say......
 Currently, I am on glass #2 of wine and I am feeling so so much less pain right now.  But don't even THINK of fucking touching me!  I might bite your extremity off!

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