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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Post About NOTHING

 Nothing (noun)
a : something that does not exist
b : the absence of all magnitude or quantity; also : zero
c : nothingness, nonexistence

So, this is the definition straight from the dictionary, the online one of coarse because who really uses a book dictionary anymore??  ( 

"Nothing" can be very stressful.  How can "nothing" be stressful?  As a parent, I think one of the most frustrating things to listen to from your kids is..."I'm bored...there's NOTHING to do!!"  No matter how many toys or games or "things" they have...there is still nothing to do.  Sometimes I threaten that if they keep it up I am going to donate their "things" to some other children that would be more grateful to have them and then they really will have "no things" to play with and a good reason to be bugging me!!

Also, "nothing" can be stressful if I am itching to get out of my house and do SOMETHING because the "things" I have to do at home are "not things" that I want to do!!  Grrrr!  I mean, I love my job...the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, the mopping, the mess cleaning, raising my kids, etc!  But I definitely get tired of 24/7 "same shit, different day" kind of stuff, so that is when my stressful "nothing" comes into play.  I guess it is very similar to the kids' "I'm bored" statement, but I have to say...if I could build forts, play video games, and ride my bike all day...I wouldn't feel like there was nothing fun to do!  :-) 

On the other hand, "nothing" can also be very relaxing and enjoyable!  I love those few, very rare, moments where I have nothing to do!  When I can just sit with my glass of wine and listen to the "nothingness" going on around me.  Those are the moments that I treasure...the moments that help level out the crazy stressful moments that the rest of the day rains down on me.  Speaking of rain...that is one of my favorite sounds to lose myself in "nothingness" too!

So, while the dictionary states that "Nothing" is "something that does not exist"... I beg to differ.  "Nothing" exists.  It pops up in many different ways all around me and is sometimes welcome and sometimes not.

And in summing up my post, I have a riddle for you that has been around FOREVER....

What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it,
The rich don't need it, And if you eat it, you'll die?


The answer to the riddle is "nothing."
Nothing is greater than God.
Nothing is more evil than the Devil.
The poor have nothing.
The rich need nothing.
And if you eat nothing, you'll die.

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