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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Video Game Nazi

First, let me give you a bit of reasoning behind the title of my blog today...
Have you ever seen Sienfeld?  (HAHA!  OK, sorry, who HASN'T seen Sienfeld!!)  Well, on the 116th episode, in 1995,  "The Soup Nazi" was the title of the show and is also the nickname of the titular character played by Larry Thomas. The term "Nazi" is used as an exaggeration of the excessively strict regimentation he constantly demands of his patrons.

So, based on that, I have decided to nickname myself "The Video Game Nazi" for the week because I, at 2:30am, officially grounded my 11 year old from ALL video games for 1 week.  Yes, it is the MIDDLE of the summer.  I don't care.  When I say, at 12:30am, "No, you may NOT play video games in the middle of the night and you better not let me find that you are, and I GUARANTEE that I WILL be checking, because you will lose your video game privileges for ONE WHOLE WEEK," then I expect that there will be no video game playing in the middle of the night unless you want to be grounded from video games.  Period.

No XBOX?  No.
No Wii?  No.
No Nintendo DS?  No.
No Computer Games?  No.
Boredom?  Oh no!
Why not?  Because for the disrespectful way that you hurled mean and hurtful comments at me after YOU were CAUGHT doing what you KNEW you shouldn't be doing, I have decided to keep you very busy this week!
What does that mean?  Oh its simple really.  You are "Working for Free" this week.  That means...yup, extra chores...without pay!!
 How does that fit the crime?  I figure that if you cannot be nice to me, or at the very least keep your hatred for me to yourself, then I will assign things for you to do that are nice and helpful in order to help you practice what being nice and helpful is.

So, today is DAY ONE.   Today's agenda from "The Video Game Nazi" is as follows:
Strip Guest Room bed - Wash sheets - Remake bed
Clean BOTH litterpans
Clean playroom and TV room - PLUS Vacuum
Clean your room - PLUS Vacuum
Fold Towels in dryer
Do your laundry - Start to Finish
Empty Dishwasher - Reload with dirty dishes
Take garbage out
Rake the dirt back into the holes that the dog dug in the back yard
Do whatever else "The Video Game Nazi" requires throughout the day

(Oh, and just in case there is time to spare,  pick a nice long book out, because while you are NOT working, you will be sitting under the watchful eye of "The Video Game Nazi" while you read your book.)


ZippyChix4 said...

I love, love, love, your style "video game nazi". You had me laughing hard with this descripton. I am very impressed with the list of tasks for Day 1...hopefully you will be listing your tasks each day so that I can watch and learn. Soup Nazi was one of my fave episodes. I think that you are on to something with the video game nazi....maybe you should have a separate blog and use that name. I do believe that you would have a large following:) Will definitely be back for more!

Gina said...

HaHaHa... I LOVE it too! That is awesome!! Not that he got in trouble but how you handled it. He will be all the better for it. In the age of overindulged children... I believe those of us that teach personal responsibility & the law of natural consequences will be rewarded. And our kids will grow up to be better adults. At least that's my prayer. Way to go, Mom (nazi)! What a lucky boy!

Emily said...

Glad we could help out with your chore list by dirtying your guest room sheets! When I read that you were taking away video games, I though, "oh no, he's gonna be buggin her all week." Nope, you smart momma, you followed up with a chore list...muhahahaha!!!!

S♥ said...

I found your blog from the Post It page on Supah Mommy's site and I'm following up with the directions.

I love that and all Seinfeld episodes. And I love that you are a parent that puts their foot down when it comes to discipline. Go you!

Sandra said...

You are one courageous mama! When I ground my son from video games, I'm basically punishing myself. Yes, he does get grounded, but I make sure I have to be out of the house alot during that week! You go girl!