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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moms LOVE Eminem Too!!

I. Love. This. Song.

I. Love. Eminem.

BUT, I am not sure how I feel about my 5 year old daughter singing the lyrics to this.  Maybe if she were just singing the melody with Rhianna, I wouldn't even think about it, BUT she is singing the actual Eminem "next time I'll aim my fist at the dry wall, next time, there won't be no next time" rap lyrics.  The song is amazing but it isn't something I feel is OK for her to be singing along with.  But then again, I am torn, does she even understand it?
But Eminem is MY FAVORITE artist.  Has been for years!! I don't wanna stop listening to him!  (Yes, that was definitely a whiny 4year old voice...sorry!)  Some people (Flyboy among others at various times) have suggested that I don't listen to Eminem while the kids are around.  Ok.  But what I quickly realized was that there isn't a such time when I have no kids around at this point in my life.  (Eeek, they're everywhere!  They're everywhere!)  So, while I tried to quickly turn off my iPod as soon as a small, innocent unknowing person walked into the room, it just seemed that it would QUICKLY put me in a bad mood because while I am understanding and thoughtful (haha, yeah, not so much),  it was still throwing off this Mama's groove.  I would often imagine that wonderful record scratching noise (like this) whenever a child would walk, run, trip, skip, lemur, hop or dance into the room when I was listening to my "Mama Music."  Not. Good.  So, instead, I have decided that life is too short to not listen to my music regardless of my innocent (ha!  I just like scratching that word out!) kiddos being in the room.  Now, I just have to figure out how to explain that "next time I'll aim my fist at the dry wall" means that the boy that hit someone knows it was naughty and that he should never do that again because WE DO NOT HIT!!  DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!  WE DO NOT HIT!!.....oh sorry.....ahem....yes, hitting is wrong.  :) 
You got some better fucking advice for me??  Bring it!  :)


LindsayDianne said...

The thing that people don't seem to get about Eminem is that his words are just words, and they may be the reason that he's not (generally) the kind of person who gets himself into stupid dramatic situations. To my knowledge, Eminem has never actually been charged with hitting his girlfriends/ex wife twice over, He hit the guy his ex wife was supposedly cheating on him with...
Eminem amazed me in the nineties with his awesome lyrics and incredible expression.
I opposed his first two albums, but it was only because I didn't really understand what he was doing.
As a writer, I feel like Eminem writes songs like this one to make people think, but also to express a rage he's feeling in a way that doesn't mean someone actually has to be hurt physically in the process. Rather than beat up his girlfriend, he writes odwn his aggravation instead.
And as an artist, I think art as expression is so wonderful. Especially when it's that raw and passionate.
I'm with you on the kid listening to it though... They dont really see things objectively like that.

The Blogging Goddess said...

I think that works. After all, don't we change enough of ourselves for our kids? I cuss like a sailor..and say to my kids...don't talk like Mommy. Seems to work.

MommaKiss said...

I love Eminem. Hard. Crank him in my car - esp the new cd. I don't let the kids hear it, tho. His poetry is too crass even for my kids :p

Angie said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your opinions on this!
Mama Eminem fans UNITE! LOL