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Friday, June 20, 2008

In disguise...

Just a warning...below is a picture of what seems like an adorable little angel, but DON'T BE FOOLED!! Underneath that sweet exterior is a TODDLER in full "toddler mode"!! Yes, you read that right! I know, I are saying "she looks so innocent!" If only you were aware of the trouble that she can cause!

Here is a slight glance of her current "rap sheet"...
*Torturing her big brother, Bug, to the point of a screaming & yelling match
*Jumping on Mom & Dad's bed when they aren't looking
*Snatching toys from her baby sister, Baby Blue, & making her cry
*Sticking her tongue out at strangers as they pass her in public
*Starting arguments with little girls in Target
*Jumping in the pool with all of her clothes on, when she was told "no swimming today"
*Sneaking drinks into parts of the house that she knows are off limits
*Manipulating her Dad to get her way

Yep, this little devious toddler is in disguise! She often goes under the alias "Stinky ____" -- which she made up, not me! Be careful folks...from what I understand, there are several of her kind around! (I have a sneaking suspicion that there is another toddler-in-disguise next door even!) Here is her on the lookout for her kind...they can cause havoc!

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