Peek A Hoo

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who needs sleep anyway??

I am so tired! Every night I go to bed with this HOPE of sleeping well and waking up refreshed and ready to start a new day. Doesn't everyone think that way? Slowly, but surely, I am coming around to the fact that sleeping well and being refreshed is only a dream!

This is how the majority of my nights go:
9:30 - 10:00 Bed Time (yes, I know, it is early, but we are early risers here!)
10:30ish - Baby Blue is up to eat
11:00ish - Randy comes to bed
11:15ish - Bug comes in with a problem
12:00ish - Bug comes in with a 2nd problem
1:00ish - Baby Blue wants to eat
1:30ish - Bug comes in with a 3rd problem
4:00ish - Baby Blue wants to eat
5:30ish - Cricket wakes up and needs to be tucked back in
6:00 - Cricket & Baby Blue are up for the day

When I list it out like this, I can completely see why rolling out of bed in the AM is hard to do!


Shanda said...

You poor thing! The worst I ever had it was when the twins were little and both up, possibly at different times, every couple of hours. It was hellish for me and I thank God that they sleep better now. I got to a point with them where if they woke up I let them scream. That was when they were over a year old and now they are good. I sure hope your hubby is helping when he is there! (Mine never did.) Maybe once. Naw.

Engineer said...

Oh yes, his job is to take care of Cricket's needs in the night! Since I had Baby Blue, he has been super helpful with Cricket at night! YAY!!