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Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Trip

Whew! What a week or so this has been! All 5 of us went to Boston & New Hampshire to visit family and friends - and to do the headstone dedication of Randy's mom, Janet. (She passed away Dec 10th, 2007 after a very long battle with cancer.) Although we were not looking forward to the trip, due to the circumstances, we had a very nice time and were very happy to see our loved ones and dear friends! They were all so thoughtful and sweet! On our way up to New Hampshire from Boston, Bug & Randy got out and walked along the beach at the Scituate Lighthouse in Scituate, Massachusetts. (I stayed in the car with the girls since they were both sleeping.) Bug found an 1805 penny coin while walking on the rocks! It was the highlight of his morning! When we got to Opa's house, Bug and Opa went to the coin shop in town and had them take a look at it. It was determined that it was of no monetary value due to the poor condition it was in, but that had it been in better condition, it would have been worth $100's or even $1000's of dollars! Very Cool! So, while it is of no monetary value - it is a neat item to have and will make a good story for later!
So, I said that the coin was the highlight of Bug's morning...the highlight of the afternoon had to be the Black Bear Cub that we saw once we were at Opa's house! Bug LOVES to stand in the sunroom or on the back elevated deck to watch for wildlife in the woods behind the house. He uses his binoculars and just watches and waits. (This is probably one of the few things that he has the patience to do.) After about 20 minutes of watching, Bug came running to us telling us he saw a bear - or what he thought was a bear! We ran to the sunroom and looked down into the woods, and there was the cutest little Black Bear Cub playing with some sticks! It walked around a bit - paid no attention to us - and then meandered back into the thicker woods. It was so cool! This ended up being the only bear we saw at Opa's house this trip. (We have seen several others on different occasions though.)
We spent a day at our dear friend's MJ & MD's home in Vermont. They live on nearly 50 acres of beautiful land with woods and a river that runs through it! Bug got to drive the tractor with MJ down the big hill to the river - while Randy took Cricket down by foot. Of coarse, Bug had to test the temperature of the river water and, as expected, fell partially into the water! Accident?? Probably not! LOL (Then again, the last time we were near a waterhole, Randy fell in, so maybe it is genetic!) Anyhow, we had a wonderful visit with the ladies - we even swam in the indoor pool, which the kids LOVED!
We spent a lot of time just enjoying the scenery and weather - even though it was colder than we expected on a couple of days, but it beats melting in Florida!! Cricket got really good at going up & down the stairs! She had Randy and I on the edge of our seats each time she bolted towards them! But, in typical Cricket fashion, she mastered them in no time and never even took a spill on them! Go Girl! Baby Blue was a good girl! She hung out on her blanket, playing with her toys or sitting in my lap. She did get to know Drummer, the dog, fairly well! He wasn't sure what to think about the baby - but was giving her kisses before long! Baby Blue thought this was OK at first, but soon decided that she wasn't thrilled with dog kisses and would cry. LOL
All in all, the trip was fun & relaxing. But, as with every vacation/trip, it was nice to get back home and on our normal schedule!

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