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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Time is it??

Time. This is Bug's newest obsession. Doesn't matter what we say or how many times we say it...these are the CONSTANT obsessive questions he has:
"What time is it?"
"How much longer until...?"
"When will we be there?"
"What time will we be there?"
So, Randy and I decide to get him his own watch so that he doesn't have to ask annoying "time" questions every two minutes! Great Idea, right!?! Now, Bug is wearing his watch at all times. (Of coarse, it doesn't come without complaints that the watch is too loose or too tight, or his arm is sweaty underneath it, or the weight of the watch is bothering him...) But, nevertheless, he is wearing the watch. Now, we are encountering these "time" obsessions...
"We only have X minutes left, only X minutes, X seconds, only X minutes left...etc..."
"Can I time you?"
"My watch says X:XX -- your clock is wrong."
Sigh. Now, we still get the previous questions too...but now we get to remind him to look at his own watch instead of just telling him the answer to his question! (I think it actually takes MORE effort to go about this in this manner since the conversation then turns to what his watch "actually" says...)

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