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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love my girls!!

Cricket ~ She is what we like to refer as "A Free Spirit" or "Fearless." She loves to dance & dress up pretty...she loves to climb trees & dig in the sand...she loves swimming & soccer. Cricket is a little bit of this & that...a little of everything. She is afraid of very little. As the middle child, her personality is perfect! She is a tough little sister who wants to do anything that her big brother does, but a sweet big sister who wants to teach Baby Blue everything that she knows!
She is her Daddy's girl and refers to him as "My Hero" and if you ask her why - she will tell you "because Daddy saves the day!" But when she is tired or hurt, Mommy is who she, I can deal with not being her "hero," I suppose! In short, Cricket is an amazing little girl who wins my heart each and every day!

Baby Blue ~ What a little doll she is! She is such a happy little girl. She, like her big sister, is very determined in everything that she does. She can roll over both ways, sit up on her own, stand at the couch momentarily, and is using a sippy cup!! She is trying to crawl like there is no tomorrow! If she sees something across the floor that she wants, you can bet that she will get there - not quickly, but boy does she remain focused and determined until she gets there!
Baby Blue - unlike Cricket - is a Mommy's girl! She has smiles for everyone, but only if she is in my arms. Now, she likes her Daddy & doesn't mind hanging out with him, but she prefers her Mommy. (I am sure this will change more once she starts understanding that Daddy is wrapped around her finger like Cricket's!) Baby Blue is growing so quickly though! This is one of my favorite ages and I just want to keep her little forever!!


Shanda said...

I signed up for a google name just so I could respond on your blog!

I love the pictures~adorable! Keep up the great work.

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