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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Father's Love

I am dedicating this post to my dear, loving husband, Randy. He is such a good Dad, and he gives no less than 100% to each of our adoring children! I can see the love that he has for them each and everyday. It shows in many ways, each dependent on the circumstances: in the sparkle of his eyes when they have done something to make him proud, his actions as he takes the time to spend some one on one time with each of them, and even by the frustration that he has with himself when he doesn't feel as though he has done as well as he had hoped or wanted to do with them.

Randy has a special bond with each of the children, but our middle baby, Cricket, is Daddy's Girl! Let me just say, I have never seen a bond like theirs!! They are "2 Peas in a Pod"...wherever Dad is, you can be sure that Cricket isn't far behind! Cricket says that Daddy is her "hero" and she misses him before he even walks out the door for work each day! These 2 can simply sit and do nothing together, but they are perfectly happy! Their connection is really amazing, in my opinion! I always thought that Cricket would be "Mommy's Girl," but no, she is far from it...and I am OK with that! I love watching Randy and her play on the Slip-N-Slide together, read books, play board games, and just "hang out" together. They even have their own "inside jokes" that the 2 of them laugh about. (Can you guess what Randy's cell phone ringtone is?? Yep, it is a series of cricket chirps!!)

Since Baby Blue was born, Randy has taken over Cricket's needs in the night...the fears and tears that require a parent's attention. He so sweet with her! He used to curl up with her at night to help her fall asleep, but he has since broken that habit and now just curls up with her in the early morning hours when Cricket wants to get up and play, but Randy can't force himself to get up yet! :) It is so cute to see them all curled up in the Twin Size bed...Randy all but falling out of the bed and Cricket talking to him while he TRIES to sleep!
Cricket benefits from this relationship, for sure!! She has him wrapped right around her tiny finger! All she has to do is look at him with those big, brown eyes and talk to him in her little, sweet voice...and he melts right into the palms of her hands! No matter what it is...riding her scooter, picking blueberries, flying a kite, swimming, swinging, or watching TV...Cricket wants to do it with her Daddy! He is her "rock" in this scary world and wants him next to her at all times!

As I said before, Randy is an amazing, amazing father! He doesn't always think that he is, but I know differently. We all feel like we aren't doing our job as a parent as well as we could be or should be from time to time. I just wanted to take some time to say that I think Randy is the best father that our kids could have and that I feel very lucky to have him as a partner in parenting!

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Shanda said...

Lovely tribute!