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Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy FIT!!

LOL - I have to laugh, or I just might cry!!
Yesterday was a LONG day. It wasn't too bad starting out...we had a doctor's appointment with Bug's pediatrician - wanted to keep him "on the loop" as to what was going on with the psych appointments. Thankfully, the doctors seem to agree on the pathway that we are heading down as far as diagnoses goes. (Whew, that helps put you more at ease when more than one "expert" tells you the same thing!)
We ran some errands in town and then had an appointment with Bug's psychiatrist. This is where it gets "hairy", so to speak. We started out having a chat with the doctor while Bug played on the floor with some magnets. Apparently, the Dr wanted to "push" Bug a little to see how he reacted to a little external challenging. He asked Bug to go sit in a chair and read a chapter in a book that we had with us. Bug told him that he didn't want to read the book, but the Dr persisted that he should sit in the chair and read just a bit of it. After a few dirty looks, Bug got up in the chair with the book and proceeded to find the chapter he had been asked to read. He was flipping the pages when the Dr turned to him and asked him how he was sleeping. Bug was a bit upset at the interruption and stated (not so kindly) "OK, I guess...well, not great." Then he was asked to please return to reading the book. Bug was NOT happy about this. He glared at the Dr and then started whispering under his breath to me "Mom, I don't want to read this book! I don't want to read it! I won't read it! Can I please take a break and go outside?" Meanwhile, the Dr continued his conversation with R and I regarding Bug's behavior during the last week. Bug got more and more worked up - just sitting in the one saying anything more to him about reading the book - that he ended up climbing onto the floor and hiding behind the table and chair. He wouldn't communicate with the Dr when he was asked why he was down there. (By the way, the Dr was VERY gentle and polite to Bug...not at all intimidating or rude in any way during all of this.) Well, the Dr looked at R and I and said something along the lines of how Bug had worsened in just the couple of months that he had been seeing him because Bug was able to communicate his thoughts and feelings at the start, but was unable to do so now. Anyhow, he increased the Risperdal to 1mg and sent us on our way - for another 2 weeks.
Once we got out of the office, Bug was SUPER Hyper/Silly and couldn't sit still in the car. Before we even got to our next stop, Bug was in tears because he had to wait in the car with me and the girls while Dad went into the store. (Not something that would typically cause a crying fit...) By the time we got home an hour later, we had witnessed a range of extreme emotions from Ultra-Hyper/Happy to Anger to Sadness & Depression. It was quite the car ride experience!! (Sigh)
We got home and the fits did not stop there. All evening there were meltdowns with frustration, tears, and was EXHAUSTING!! Just keeping your cool with him is extremely difficult...but watching your child go through all of just heart breaking!! R and I were at the end of our rope by the time the kids were all in bed at 8PM. We both went to bed with a lot on our minds and woke up today with high hopes that the day would not be a repeat of the day before! As of now, Bug is still in bed, getting some much needed rest...we will just wait and see what the day brings!

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