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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Beach Day!

Today, we went to the beach!! I can't really even remember the last time that we were at the beach...sad, I know. Who literally LIVES this close to the beach and never goes to enjoy it, right!?! Well, a lot of our reasoning comes down to the fact that it is just too HOT to go sit under the baking sun with the kids, not to mention that carrying 3 kids plus all of the "necessary gear" because the sand is so stinkin' hot on the little ones' feet is no picnic! LOL
So, anyhow, the weather has cooled down a bit (and the humidity is down too), so it is officially beach weather for OUR family!! YAY! We packed up the troops, spur of the moment, and headed down to the white sands of the local beaches for some walking, shelling, & fresh air!
I think that everyone had a wonderful time! I, of course, took the camera and got some fabulous shots of the family!! At one point there was a very sweet lady that offered to take a family photo of the 5 of us -- what a great gesture!! I actually got to be IN THE PICTURE for a change!! :)
After walking for probably a mile or more, we loaded the kids back into the car with their goody bags of shells, feathers, and other misc beach items, we happily headed off for some well warranted dinner! All in all, it was a fabulous time & we vowed to do it again...sooner than later!!

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Shanda said...

Great pictures! You're right...going to the beach is A LOT of work but always worth it in the end.