Peek A Hoo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confession of an overwhelmed, tired, & cranky mom

I was not going to blog today. I just filled your heads with my soapbox speech and thought you could use the break. BUT....I am feeling guilty and I feel the need to confess.

Rewind to this morning. The sun was out. It was 77 wonderful degrees. I was sitting out on my back deck with my water, my Real Simple magazine, and iPhone. The girls were building forts with my entire stock of clean, freshly folded towels, but were getting along. The world was peaceful.

Fast forward to after lunch.

Everything. Fell. Apart.

The natives got restless and irritable. The clouds rolled in. The dog found a mud hole to dig in & left muddy footprints all over the house. My energy level went kaput.

Confession: I let the kids watch Spongebob (tho I pretended that I didn't know) just so they would leave me alone.

Terrible? Yes. But it gave me a few moments to figure out what I was ordering for dinner. No. I am not making dinner. You are nuts if you even thought I would. Please, Papa John's get here fast so that I can quit rocking in this corner praying that I am not found!


Randal said...

Somedays, life just sucks! The good news is that there's always a chance it will better tomorrow.....

Shanda said...

We watch Spongebob everyday! Love him! HEHE