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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Tale of Mommy Diapers

I hate PMS.  Seriously despise it.  I see it as completely unfair that we women have to deal with the discomforts, moodiness, and absolutely "disgustingness" of it every month...for the majority of our lives.  (Though it does give me the "right" to be a total bitch for a few days of the month!)

As a mom of young children, I am rarely granted privacy -- even in the bathroom.  I'm not shy anymore.  Shoot, I don't even bother to close the door most of the time anymore.  I would much rather have a conversation with my girls while I use the bathroom than listen to them scream at the door while I try to relieve myself.  It's a compromise. 

Well, during that lovely, monthly visitor, I find myself having to explain what the "white thing" I am placing in my panties is.  OK.  That is when I came up with "Mommy Diapers."

"Mommy Diapers" is a term that I have come up for those wonderful Maxi Pads that those of us are required to wear since Tampons are no longer an option after childbirth (at least not for me).  Blah.

My girls are well aware that mommy has to wear "mommy diapers" from time to time and even want to be helpful and bring them to me at odd as I sit here blogging...wondering if I need one.  LMAO - No, please go put it back.
I can deal.  But what never fails to get me is the very loud "Mommy, do you need a 'Mommy Diaper'?" when we are in a public restroom.  Mortifying.  I love it when we come out of the stall to see a line of ladies (who are waiting their turn for the stall) looking at me and smiling.  The only thing that I can think of is how red my cheeks must be and how envious I am that THEY are standing there WITHOUT children in tow to embarrass them.

Man.  I wish I had of come up with a better term for Maxi Pads.  (Thankfully I didn't come up with iPad though!)

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Liz said...

wow - i can just imagine the tiny voice carrying through the echo-y restroom saying that! i've been lucky enough to hide the maxi pads from kate's site thus far. we'll see how long that lasts.