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Monday, June 14, 2010

NOT ME Monday!

"Not Me" Mondays are brought to you by : MckMama

This is NOT my first "Not Me" Monday, in case you are wondering....

So, this weekend, I have to admit that I did NOT go into New York City and I did NOT see "Wicked" on Broadway!  I did NOT have a ton of fun and I do NOT wish I could hang out in NYC every weekend now!  And I certainly am NOT having secret thoughts of seeing "Wicked" again!!

I am NOT currently enjoying my first glass of wine for the evening...and it is NOT only 4:10pm!

I have NOT completely left my children to their own devices today and did NOT choose to ignore the whining and complaints of boredom while I played with my camera and posted FLICKR photos!

I do NOT think that Bug was faking at school today when the nurse called and said he needed to come home sick.

I am NOT planning a super simple meal for the kids tonight while FlyBoy and I get to have Caprese and wine!

Oh, and for those that may be wondering...
Putting my kids to bed early is NOT my favorite discipline threat of all time!!  Because I definitely DO NOT benefit from the extra peace and quiet in the house at the end of the day!!

P.S.  Coming home sick from school does NOT constitute going to bed early!  (Hee! Hee!)


Not so Molly Mormon After-All said...

Wasn't WICKED so awesome?

My kids, when they are home sick, they are confined to their rooms until their bus would deliver them home! LOL!

Blog stalked from MMB...I think!

Angie said...

Wicked ROCKED!! I would recommend it to everyone!
Oh, so glad that I am not the only one that thinks a sick kid deserves peace and quiet **in their room**!! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!