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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughts from Bed is day 1 after my surgery.  Those of you that know (including my BFFs and family) are aware of what I am talking about!  I am sitting here, comfy and cozy in my bed with my iPhone and Laptop so that I can in some small way stay connected to what is happening outside of my bedroom and house.

Ding! Ding!  Round #1

Flyboy got up this morning and had to "herd the cats" as he calls rounding up our children and getting them through the morning routines.  It was loud, mainly because Gidget was dying to crawl into bed with me this morning and that was simply not going to happen.  So, the screaming 2 year old fit began early this morning but was quickly resolved as she realized that she was NOT going to get her way and that FlyBoy was far more persistent at keeping her sat in the "time out" chair than she was to keep screaming.  Eventually, after the screaming subsided, I could hear the breakfast "orders" start rolling in.  (Did you know that Flyboy and I ran a diner on the side...right here in our kitchen?)  Once the food was on the table and everyone was eating, things seemed to be going rather smoothly.  Bug was being decent this morning, Cricket and Gidget were happily filling their tummies.  Before I knew it, they were headed out the door for school...ahhh.

!!! Round #1 goes to FLYBOY!  WooHoo!

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