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Sunday, June 6, 2010

When coffee is just a dream in the distance...

Ah.  Its a typical Sunday morning...Flyboy had to go into work this morning (which isn't typical of Sundays, but is always a possibility) but made coffee for me & the kids got up early because we didn't have to.  I rolled out of bed at 7am after being pestered for 20 minutes by the girls, which inevitably woke up the dog triggering her to whine to be let outside to do her morning business as well.  So, I get out of bed and shuffle into the kitchen.  The smell of freshly brewed coffee is such a comforting smell in the early morning.  Mmmmmm.  My comfort is brought to a halt by "Mom!  Mom!  Can we have breakfast?"  Sigh.  Of course you can!!  Do I ever starve you??  LOL
Looking longingly over towards the coffee pot, I quickly offer fresh strawberries and milk which I knew would be a hit, hence foregoing the endless debate of what they should choose from the cupboards.  Sweet!  Two little girls happiliy eating breakfast!  Score 1 for mom!
Back to that coffee....mmmm!  I pull a cup from my cabinet (one of my girly cups that I know no one else ever uses) and set it on the counter. coffee thoughts are brought to a halt..."BARK!"  Oh, yeah, puppy needs to pee.  Okay Okay ~ that is important, otherwise I will be cleaning up a puddle off the floor.  So, out the door and off the deck she goes.  Whew, made it!
I go over and add a scoop of sugar to my cup & pour the steaming black liquid in on top.  God, it smells good!  I can feel a smile coming to my lips as I think of my yummy, warm coffee that I will soon be tasting.  SSccrrreeeeccchhhh!
Ah, yes, the boys.  WHY ARE THE BOYS AWAKE AT THIS HOUR!?!  Normally, they will sleep until noon if I let them.  (I say BOYS because Bug had a friend sleepover last night.)  "MOM!  We can't sleep because of the noise you guys are making!  And, by the way, the cat puked all over the floor downstairs."  Sigh.  "Alright, since you are both up here, let me give you your morning medications and then you can have strawberries for breakfast too."  So, I walk across the kitchen to the med cabinet and hand out the appropriate meds to them.  "Can I have a drink too?"  Uh, yeah, because obviously your 11 year old arms are broken or mysteriously not working, let me get that for you.  "Yes, of course you can!"
"Mommy!  Can I watch the dinosaur movie in my room?" asks Cricket.  "And Mommy, can I watch Dora 'down steps' too" asks Gidget.  (Down steps = downstairs in 2 year old language)  Dang.  "Um, sure!  Let me get you both set up."  One more glance over my shoulder at the no longer steaming cup of half made coffee....I'll be back for you!!  Ok, movies are set up.  COFFEE!!  Two stairs before I reach the kitchen, "Mommy!  I poopy!You have GOT to be kidding!!  Quickly, I grab a fresh diaper and wipes, do a lightening fast diaper change.
FINALLY, I make it back to the kitchen and that cup of coffee!!  Damn it!  It's cold.  Well, we all know that microwaved coffee is not nearly as good as a fresh cup...and dang it THAT'S what I want!!  So, the first cup is dumped down the drain.  Sniffle.  Again, I add a scoop of sugar to my girly cup.  I pour another cup of steaming coffee in on top of the sugar.  Mmmmmm!  I am smiling as I pull the half & half out of the fridge.  I mix in the perfect amount and put it back in the fridge.  Grabbing my cup, I quickly pull it to my lips and close my eyes as that first sip is always the BEST!!  This is heaven!!  Sscccrrrreeeeccchhhhhh!  "Mom!  I told you there is cat puke down here!  Can you please come clean it up before we step in it!?!?Fuck.  (yes, seriously)  "Alright, I'm coming."  Since, again, I realize that your arms don't work and you have no way to pick up the mess on your own.  I get downstairs to find not one, but 4 places that the cat has vomitted all over.  So gross...why do we have these disgusting creatures anyway?  What ever made me a "cat person"?? 
Fifteen minutes later, I am back in the kitchen with that luke warm cup of coffee that I have had one sip from.  It is now 2 1/2 hours since I rolled out of bed.  I have made 2 cups of coffee and had a total of 1 sip.  My cup is again, barely drinking temperature and the kids are calling.  I give up.  I gulp down the cup I have in my hands and call it good.  Maybe tomorrow I will have coffee.

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