Peek A Hoo

Friday, July 30, 2010

By bike, by feet...they are on the go!!

Trains, planes and automobiles got nothing on my girls!!  Give them a bike and a sidewalk and they are moving and grooving!!  
Cricket got her "Princess Bike" for her 5th birthday this month and Gidget...well, she was born with her transportation...her bare feet!!

It is the cutest thing to watch them go around and around our "race track" driveway like this...

My Biker:

My Runner:

These girls have places to go and things to do!!


Liz said...

How well does the runner keep up with the biker? They are both just dolls, and I love how they look so similar, but different color eyes.

Angie said...

The runner gets lapped all of the time, but she never gives up!!