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Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Irritated Pissed Engineer

So, this is a rant blog today.  If you don't want to hear me go on and on about how frustrated I am, then STOP READING now!

You're still here??  Well, then, don't say I didn't warn ya!

So, Bug was in at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Thursday.  We were sent there STAT via our pediatrician for his low weight and BMI.  As you know, Bug already has been diagnosed with several disorders, which you can read about here.  In November, we are headed to Drexel University for a more detailed evaluation of Autism/Asperger's.  With that being said, you can imagine the amount of research and reading I have done on these conditions.  Obviously, there are several disputes regarding the causation of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) - mainly in regards to vaccinations which you can read about my opinions on that here.  But, today, what I want to focus on is the possibility of ASDs having a link with GI conditions.  Specifically, conditions in which the lining of the GI tract is affected.

Specific symptoms indicate that there might be a problem with the GI intestinal tract. They include:
  • discomfort in the abdominal area
  • bloating and constipation
  • diarrhea and gas
  • indigestion and heartburn
  • shortness of breath
  • asthma
  • poor immunity
  • aggressive behavior and mood swings
  • disorientation and memory problems
  • anxiety, confusion, and nervousness
 Now, do I think that Bug is suffering from these kinds of GI conditions?  I don't know.  I was actually very surprised when, after a gazillion doctors, we ended up being referred to a GI clinic at the Children's Hospital.  But, in some ways, it makes sense.  So, there we were on Thursday, sitting in the exam room, talking with Dr. Lee about Bug's health history, eating habits, and activity levels. After probably 20 minutes, Dr. Lee asks if we have any further questions or concerns.  I decided that I was going to ask about the possible connection of GI conditions with ASDs.  (This is where I start getting irritated.)   Dr. Lee very matter-of-factly told me that the only studies that show any connections were those done in the BBC and the Lancet had since retracted those studies.  He basically dismissed my concern and moved on.  At the time, I was a little shocked by how uneducated the doctor seemed on this subject.  He, obviously, hasn't seen THIS study at Imperial College London which was just released in 2010 or the handful of other correlations that have been shown to exist between GI conditions and ASDs.  What irritates me the MOST is that as a GI Doctor at a Children's Hospital, which is known to be one of the BEST in the nation, WHY would you NOT know about these things?  And WHY would you automatically dismiss a parent's concern of this?  And WHY you just dismiss the possibility without further investigation?  To say that I was irritated was actually not right.  I was pissed.  Pissed at the medical community for not continuing to investigate this.  Pissed at everyone that takes the Lancet to be the "Holy Grail" of Medicine.  Pissed that science has not been allowed to do the proper research on this subject.

It all comes down to this:
ASDs are disorders that affect the brain --------> The brain is "fed" via the broken down foods that we eat --------> The GI system is the where those foods are broken down ------->  If there is a GI problem that is not allowing that system to properly break down that food, then some particles are absorbed into the blood stream in a "foreign" form causing the neurological brain disturbances ----------> These GI problems are known to be caused by "heavy metal toxins" such as the ones that are in some vaccines ------->  These vaccines are, in a number of states, still mandated in order for your children to go to school, which means that as a parent, your hands are tied : either home school or subject your children to these toxins and risk the possible effects that come along with them.

So, in the end, it isn't that unthinkable to see how children with ASDs are a lot of times plagued with GI problems as well.  With that in mind, I say "fuck you" to the pediatric doctors, regardless of specialty, who have already made up their mind on this subject and have put blinders on to the other possibilities solely because of the "retraction of the study in the Lancet."    

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