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Monday, August 16, 2010

Innocence....hahaha....yeah right!!!!

Addie has been going though one of those "phases" that I like to call the "Fucking Twos."  She is full blown into throwing fits and screaming and hitting and pulling hair when she doesn't like what is going on.  This morning, I put on a movie for the girls to watch and because she didn't like it, she went screeching across the room "I....DON'T....LIIIKKKEEE....TTTHHHHIIISSSSS!!!" and smacked the TV screen.  Yikes.  Where did my sweet, loving, "I love you more than a Sunny Day" girl go??  I know where.  She has been swallowed by the "Fucking Twos."  I am trying to keep my cool with her and do the "time out" thing, but even in time out she has to be monitored.  She will sit there (or rather try to sneak out of the chair) and throw herself around and scream and hit.  When I tell her that she can get up when she is done screaming and crying, she understands.  And then proceeds to scream louder and kick harder.  So, this is how I spend my days lately.  Guarding the big kids from the littlest kid because she has the biggest attitude and thinks she is 10 feet tall and bullet proof. 
Ooopppsss....there she goes again....wish me luck!!!!

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