Peek A Hoo

Monday, August 2, 2010

This day is swirling the bowl.... has literally gone down the toilet.  (Well, ok, everything BUT the day has gone down the toilet....)  This is the 2nd toilet mess that I cleaned up today!!  (I chose to spare you pictures of the first and third times!)  Who loves you!?!?  :-)  Seriously, WHY OH WHY does Gidget insist on playing in the toilet?!?!  It is so fucking foul that I could vomit every time!!  Two year olds are GROSS...GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!  Between playing the toilet, her own poop, and the cat litter pans....this girl is on my shit list!  (Ha!)  No, really....she is.  Really.
So, I know you are dying to know what is in that toilet!!  Well, it is the ENTIRE contents of the bathroom trash, a 1/2 of a roll of TP (the other half went down the 1st potty playtime), and several Pull Up diapers...used and not.  Did I mention that two year olds are fucking GROSS?!?!  Blech!!

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