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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tears of Joy

I can barely contain myself as I write this. I can feel the burn of the tears of joy brimming my eyes! Bug and Sidney are getting along...Bug is accepting of the love that R is giving him...he is being the sweet, loving boy that I remember him being!! I can't believe it! He is so HAPPY today!! (*sniffle*) I don't remember the last day that was THIS great for us!! Sigh.........
What an amazing feeling! I can't stop smiling!
So, is it that the Lithium that we started last week is kicking in and we MIGHT have finally found something to HELP us?? Or, are we experiencing a fluke...out of the ordinary, glimpse of the Bug that we all know and love today? I know, I should be thankful for this day (and I AM) but it is hard to not be cautious of the fact that tomorrow could be 180* different from today. I guess we won't know until it comes...
Until then, I am going to enjoy the fact that my son is, indeed, the boy that I have always knew he was, if only for today!

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Shanda said...

You brought a tear to my eye too! What great news!